Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Software Image Certified for Eligible Intel NUC Mini PCs


Ubuntu software. / Photo by: Rprpr via Wikimedia Commons


Ubuntu 16.04 LTS has been certified by Canonical and Intel on selected Intel NUC Mini PCs and boards. The certification will help developers with the development and deployment of Internet of Things ecosystems.

Intel NUC devices are mini PCs equipped with entertainment, gaming, and productivity tools. Each device has a customizable board that can accept an operating system, memory, and storage desired by the developer. The pairing of the new Ubuntu image will provide the following benefits on NUC users:

- The image will help speed up the development process of IoT-based ecosystems. The software includes Snaps, the universal Linux application packaging format, to efficiently install apps on the hardware. Aside from that, the software also includes a support for update and security patches.

- The image aids users on easy field management of deployed NUC devices. The software has 24 hours of operation that is particularly useful in certain situations, including digital signage and other services that demand an “always on” mode.

- The image now improves the support for smart displays. There are different kinds of applications for smart display such as digital kiosks and intelligent vending machines which can be powered by a NUC device. If the NUC is equipped with the seventh-generation Intel Core CPU, the applications may be integrated with dual 4K monitor support and 24-hours Watchdog operation, and power its existing peripherals.

According to Ubuntu, there are 15 Intel NUC devices compatible for the software image. While most devices are powered by seventh-generation Intel Core, there are some powered by Intel Celeron and Intel Pentium Silver.

“This partnership will aid device manufacturer’s and their developers to a smoother path to the development and deployment of IoT devices. Applicable to a range of use cases from digital signage to home entertainment,” Ubuntu stated.