Baidu, China Mobile Join Forces to Target Self-driving Cars, AI, 5G in China 


Baidu's headquarters. / Photo by: simone.brunozzi via Wikimedia Commons


Baidu and China Mobile signed a strategic partnership to combine their resources in delivering high-tech services like AI, 5G network, and autonomous vehicles. The partnership will also include image recognition, voice recognition, and natural language processing technologies. 

The collaboration of the two companies is expected to match the emerging threat of both Alibaba and Tencent. Alibaba currently is the leading firm in e-commerce while Tencent owns the top messaging platform in China, WeChat. 

The partnership will let Baidu apply Baidu Maps and Apollo platform in AVs. Baidu Maps provides the mapping service for the region, while Apollo Auto platform ensures security through the following services: 

- Intrusion Detection and Prevention System: The software can block any suspicious installation and execution of an app and prevent installed system apps to be compromised or removed by attackers. 

- Car Firewall: The preinstalled firewall monitors network traffic and filters abnormal network traffic to shield the vehicle and passenger from cyber attacks. Also, the firewall can generate audit reports for experts to review any cyber attacks that engage the AV. 

- Secure Over-the-air Kits: The platform can receive OTA updates on a regular basis. Any cloud data that reach AV can be secured through several methods, such as two-way identity authentication, encryption and decryption, and device authentication. 

“Apollo solutions cover the full life-cycle of a vehicle’s cybersecurity needs, in order to protect both consumers and manufacturers from cybersecurity threats,” the developers stated. 

Apollo Auto is an open-source platform for vehicles and it is compatible with Linux, Android and its recovery mode, python, java, and C++. Apollo, meanwhile, is more focused on securing the software of autonomous cars, DuerOS enables AVs to communicate with drivers and passengers. DuerOS is a software designed for image and voice recognition. It supports Apollo and other devices that have a microphone and a speaker.