Trilliant and SAS Optimize Smart Grids for IoT Devices


A smart city. / Photo by: Teoh Chin Leong via 123RF


The smart energy communications solutions, Trilliant, and analytics specialist, SAS, have continued their partnership for industrial internet of things. The two companies made efforts to improve their smart grid for connected devices.

Trilliant decided to connect its servers to the SAS Analytics Software so clients can quickly explore and model smart grid data, which may be used for smart city projects. Moreover, the effort can permit the companies to review the large amount of raw, low-latency meter and data from devices to enhance profits and decrease power outages.

"The Internet of Things has changed the way we collect, analyze, and use data. The data generated is ever-growing and evolving, and being able to leverage a broad spectrum of analytic capabilities is crucial. We are excited about the IoT ecosystem partnerships we are developing because our combined capabilities deliver the most value to organizations and citizens," explained Michele Null, marketing leader of the Global IoT Division at SAS.

The partnership also includes Trilliant’s access to SAS Event Stream Processing, a software for streaming analytics, which enables certain benefits including:

1. Real-time insight of essential data from operations, transactions, sensors, and connected devices. The raw data from sources can be analyzed and filtered through a vast array of software mechanisms.

2. Purge unnecessary data collected from streaming sources. The software can categorize and standardize collected data before storage to reduce computing, labor, and operation costs.

3. The software supports high-volume data streaming, about millions of events per second, with low-latency response times. This has been enabled by the in-memory grid processing and a flexible threaded processing model.

4. Clients can adapt to the ever-changing world of IoT through the use of an intuitive interface of the software. They can define the patterns of scenarios and address them to prevent or reduce potential adverse effects to business.

"As areas such as Southeast Asia work to drive their regions rapidly growing economies, we are honored to have the opportunity to provide a globally flexible solution that can meet their needs through smart grid technology," said Bryan Spear, managing director for the Asia Pacific at Trilliant.