Partnership between Kroger and Nuro to Bring Driverless Delivery to Customers


Kroger's corporate office in Cincinnati, Ohio. / Photo by: Derek Jensen via Wikimedia Commons


Retailing company Kroger made a partnership with Nuro, maker of the world’s first unmanned vehicle. The partnership will enable the retailer to help customers place same-day delivery orders.

Same-day delivery orders are a type of door-to-door delivery service performed within hours after the request. Several courier companies like FedEx and DHL can provide it in several states in the US. Kroger’s new goal with same-day delivery orders is expected to be powered by Nuro autonomous vehicles.

“We have already started to redefine the grocery customer experience and expand the coverage area for our anything, anytime and anywhere offering. Partnering with Nuro, a leading technology company, will create customer value by providing Americans access to fast and convenient delivery at a fair price,” explained Yael Cosset, the chief digital officer at Kroger.

Autonomous vehicles at Nuro are designed to transport goods and handle other kinds of errands like dry cleaning. The AV units are equipped with the necessary software and hardware components to prevent accidental collisions. Also, the vehicles are powered by pure-electric motors to help reduce the growing concern over gas emissions.

Nuro already unveiled one of their units, R1, back in January and its overall body is shorter and thinner than usual vehicles. R1 resembles either a moving toaster with wheels or a mobile lunchbox but equipped with artificial intelligence, multiple cameras, RADAR, and laser sensors to navigate roads and perform their duties. 

Former Google employee and now co-founder of Nuro, Dave Ferguson, said that the use of an autonomous vessel is a game-changer for local commerce. As of now, Nuro has six units of AVs that gather data and optimize routes to aid the R1 vehicles.