Oracle Launches Free Online Map to Show Global Health of Internet


Oracle's headquarters. / Photo by: Rayhe via Wikimedia Commons


Oracle, a computer software company, launched the Internet Intelligence Map to the public. It enables anyone to look into the current health of the internet in multiple regions.

The free online map displays the internet connection statistics per country based on traceroutes, a diagnostic tool to show the route and measure packet delays in a network. On the left side of the map, a dashboard reveals more details including traceroute completion ratio, Border Gateway Protocol, and Domain Name System query rate. These details can assist users on the impact of any issue on internet connectivity.

"From the Internet shutdowns of the Arab Spring to the impacts of the latest submarine cable cut, our continuing mission is to help inform the public by reporting on the technical underpinnings of the Internet and its intersection with, and impact on, geopolitics and e-commerce," Doug Madory, director of internet analysis at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Right now, there are two sections available on the online map – Country Statistics and Traffic Shifts. The country statistics show any potential internet disruptions in the last 48 hours. Users may narrow down the details by searching a specific country. As of June 27, 2018, at 05:23 UTC, some of the issues shown by the map include:

- Africa: Eritrea with 11.6 total impact, Sao Tome and Principe with 4.1, and South Sudan with 1.6.

- Middle East: Iraq with 12.9 impact, Iran with 2.7, and Lebanon with 0.7.

- South America: Suriname with 7.8 impact and Paraguay with 0.6.

The higher total impact, the more disruptions are experienced by internet users in affected countries. Meanwhile, Traffic Shifts are information marked in blue on the map to show how traffic is routed on the internet.