New Autonomous Robot Cooks Burgers Under Five Minutes


A cheese burger. / Photo by: Cheparroyo via Pixabay


The culinary arts have been obviously dominated by chefs for many years, and now, robots are joining the fray. A startup company, Creator, developed an autonomous robotic system capable of making burger meals within five minutes.

The machine is powered by 20 computers, 350 sensors, and 50 actuators to form an assembly line that is designed to cook and serve burgers. When someone orders a burger, the robot starts with grinding and cooking the meat which is primarily beef. After that, it pushes the cooked burger meat through a specially-designed conveyor belt where additional toppings are put on top of the burger in sliced order. Lastly, it cuts and toasts the buns to complete the dish. Even though the robot can perform its job, a team of humans is still required for order-taking, refilling supplies, and delivering the burger to the customers.

“Our mission is to reduce the cost of high-quality food so we’re selling burgers for 6 bucks. Let’s break the normal cost equation for restaurants,” said the developers at Creator.

To create a high-quality burger, the developers used high-quality ingredients such as:

- The types of cheese that can be chosen by customers, including cheddar, smoked cheddar, and gruyere.

- About 12 seasonings were included in the recipe like sea salt and black pepper.

- The beef is GAP 4 rated that features zero antibiotics and hormones

- Vegetables are also added to the burger meal, such as butter lettuce and tomatoes.

- About 15 different kinds of sauce are available to choose from.

- The buns are brioche that are baked locally.

Some of Bay Area chefs already experimented with the machine using new combinations, including Nick Balla at Bar Tartine and Tu David Phu of Top Chef season 15. The developers took eight years to build the robot.