5G Network Trial in Romania a Success


Skyline of Bucharest, Romania. / Photo by: seisdeagosto via Wikimedia Commons


The networking hardware company, Cisco and South Korean tech giant, Samsung announced the successful trial of 5G network usage in Floresti, Romania. The network trial became possible with the cooperation of Orange, a telecommunications company in Romania.

The project has been announced by the three companies this February to test the 5G fixed wireless connectivity in Europe. It is a friendly-user trial that has been running for a month in multiple homes in Floresti. The trial utilized the 5G Solutions of Samsung, such as the virtualized RAN, and the Meraki Z3 Wi-Fi Router and Ultra Gateway Platform of Cisco. Both network solutions were able to support 5G connectivity in multiple indoor and outdoor routers.

Moreover, the setup for the trial has a wide bandwidth of 26 GHz and an advanced antenna for massive multiple-input and multiple-output and beamforming. The results they achieved using that setup was a coverage of more than one kilometer at 1 Gbps network speed for one user in real-time.

In the trial, they chose 15 customers who were first-timers in the 5G network and were asked to experience it from the comfort of their homes. To determine the performance of 5G under the setup of Cisco and Samsung, the customers were instructed to perform digital activities deemed as resource-intensive including cloud gaming and 4K video streaming.

The network testers reported that the connection was stable, the installation process of apps was easy, and the experience was similar to a fiber optic connection, even though the 5G network was still in testing phase.

“It is a test that brings us closer to the future, an opportunity to better understand how technology is behaving in real conditions of use, the challenges that may arise in the process of implementing new technologies, and the benefits it can bring to customers residential or business,” said Liudmila Climoc, chief executive office at Orange Romania.

The network trial is still ongoing and scheduled to end on July 16. They already finished a demonstration near the city hall of Floresti that showcased the effects of 5G on home entertainment solutions and a smart city.