Avnet Unveils Real-Time Supply Chain Management via Hanhaa Tie-in


A pier where most shipment activities were done. / Photo by: 2nd Class John K. Hamilton via Wikimedia Commons


Electronic components distributor, Avnet announced its investment in the UK-based internet of things provider, Hanhaa. The move enables the distributor to offer ParceLive real-live shipment system among its customers.

With ParceLive, customers will receive a tracking system to monitor many aspects of their shipment, including time, location, and condition. Any parcel subjected to certain unfavorable conditions will lead the system to notify the customer, so they can take action.

The tracking system can monitor the following shipment conditions:

1. Location: The system tracks down shipments using GPS.

2. Humidity: The system monitors and verifies relative humidity level between 0 to 100 percent. This is important for specific types of cargo.

3. Temperature: It monitors temperature ranges between -15 degrees Celsius and 50 degrees Celsius. This is helpful for products sensitive to extreme temperatures.

4. Tilt: The position of the cargos are also monitored by the system. It checks for any items that have been tilted in any direction of more than 30 degrees.

5. Opened Boxes: Any opened boxes will be verified by the system. It sends an alert to the customer if secured boxes have been exposed to more than 4.0 lux, a measurement used to determine illuminance.

6. Mishandling: If the shipment has been subjected to 0.4 seconds of freefall, the system will trigger an alert.

“There are many markets we serve today that would benefit from this technology so we’ve added ParceLive to our full suite of supply chain service offerings. Avnet’s proven expertise and strong position in supply chain management, as well as our keen focus on IoT, makes ParceLive an exciting product for us to bring to our customers,” stated Terry Bassett, chief strategy and innovation officer at Avnet.

ParceLive system can be applied to different kinds of shipment, such as automotive supply chains, pharmaceuticals, and expensive electronic items.