New AI-based Photo-editing Tool Produces Photorealistic Images


An image edited using Photoshop. / Photo by: Klappe via Pixabay


Expert users of Adobe Photoshop can masterfully produce altered images that are highly convincing to many. However, a new engine called Deep Photo Style Transfer is likely to blow people’s mind with its uncanny image editing capabilities.

The engine has been developed by researchers at Adobe and Cornell University and is powered by artificial intelligence. The editing tool needs the user to choose one image to be edited and another image with inspirational elements desired to be copied on the first image. The algorithm in the engine will combine the two images and blend their components to produce a photorealistic product. When the developers tested the engine, it beats similar software tools 80 percent of the time.

“We show that this approach successfully suppresses distortion and yields satisfying photorealistic style transfers in a broad variety of scenarios, including the transfer of the time of day, weather, season, and artistic edits,” the researchers noted in their paper.

In tests, the engine can effectively blend the elements of two different images. For example, the first image showed buildings standing tall above a body of water around daytime, while the second image depicted a nighttime view of a city away from a body of water. When combined, the final image displayed the structures and the body of water of the first image, and the nighttime sky of the second image. Moreover, the reflection on the water has been adjusted to make the image lifelike.

The algorithm can turn numerous elements in images like days into nights, shift colors to match specific seasons, and remove or add a sunset. Right now, the technology may represent that the company is heading towards the direction of artificial intelligence since there is no official detail if the company plans to include it in any of their upcoming products.