NVIDIA, Bosch, Daimler Form Partnership to Build Robotaxis


Nvidia's headquarters in Santa Clara, California. / Photo by: Coolcaesar via Wikimedia Commons


American chipmaker, NVIDIA, maker Mercedes-Benz, Daimler AG, and engineering company, Bosch are now collaborating in a partnership to develop high-end autonomous vehicles. 

The partnership will produce a fleet composed of self-driving taxis equipped with the NVIDIA Drive Pegasus AI supercomputer to enable level 4 and level 5 autonomy. The project is set to start in facilities at Silicon Valley and in Stuttgart, Germany.

According to Bosch, about 100 GB of data per kilometer is produced by one video camera installed in an AV, and usually, AVs have several other hardware components, such as a set of sensors, multiple high-resolution cameras, a LIDAR system, and an array of RADAR which increases the safety of passengers. However, the combination of all these components causes a processing chaos, especially if the CPU cannot handle every operation.

The NVIDIA Drive Pegasus AI chip features 320 trillion operations-per-second deep learning capabilities and a deep neural network to support the intensive data processing demands of AVs. The chip also enables full autonomy, meaning no pedals or a steering wheel is needed to operate vehicles.

Aside from that, the AI supercomputer is efficient in using energy with one trillion operations handled per watt. The energy efficiency can be translated as a longer operating range of the vehicle. In case the AV companies want to train their vehicles, the chipmaker has the DGX AI supercomputers to train AVs with deep neural networks via cloud service. It trains AVs in several aspects of autonomous driving including object detection, map localization, and path planning.

“The partnership with Bosch and Daimler illustrates that the NVIDIA DRIVE Pegasus architecture solves the critical needs of automakers as they tackle the challenge of automated driving. The combination of NVIDIA’s AI silicon, software, integrated platforms, and tools for simulation and validation adds value for AV development,” stated Luca De Ambroggi, senior research director for artificial intelligence at HIS Markit.

NVIDIA Drive will eventually support other automobiles like delivery vehicles and trucks.