Subaru New Business Plan Includes Self-Driving Vehicles


Subaru Corporation's office in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. / Photo by: Eugenio,77 via Wikimedia Commons


Japanese automobile manufacturer Subaru has shifted its gear to welcome drive assistance systems in upcoming car models. The plan is a part of the five-year business plan of the newly appointed president, Tomomi Nakamura, to boost the brand's foothold in the US market.

Nakamura’s five-year plan includes an 18- percent increase in global sales and investment in next-generation technologies. The entire plan is a blueprint called STEP – Speed, Trust, Engagement, and Peace of Mind. 

The blueprint contained the several actions that will run until March 31, 2026., such as the introduction of hybrid cars by the early 2020s, the updates on the Dynamic X Solid design by the early 2020s, new global SUV strategy by the early 2020s, enhancements on the sports car lineup that includes the STI tuner line, and the vehicles with level 2 self-driving autonomy.

"We are committed to changing the corporate culture. We will take firm measures so that we will become a company that will never repeat such a mistake," said Nakamura, quoted by Automotive News.

Level 2 autonomy is currently available in several vehicles, including Tesla Autopilot, Volvo Pilot Assist, and Cadillac Super Cruise. According to NVIDIA, level 2 autonomy systems can control both driving speed and steering, and in some systems, lane centering may be included. But level 2 still needs a human driver due to its major limitations, such as failure to properly respond to a road situation. As of the moment, there are no sufficient details about their suppliers of self-driving technologies. 

The new plan of the company is intended to regain the trust after the last year’s scandal, wherein uncertified workers carried out technical tests of new models in the local market. The investigation unveiled that the people involved had faked emissions and fuel economy data in some reports.