Ericsson, Intel Successfully Complete End-to-End Call via 5G Network


Ericsson's office in Stockholm, Sweden. / Photo by: Holger.Ellgaard via Wikimedia Commons


After the final approval of the standards organization 3GPP with 5G standalone specifications, Ericsson and Intel conducted their bi-directional call using the new standards.

The successful test was performed by a group of experts at Ericsson Lab in Sweden, Intel, and other partners, according to Silicon Republic. The bi-directional call was done in both uplink and downlink streams. Several tools were employed in the test run such as the commercially sold 5G radio (NR) 6488 and Packet Core that supports 5G EPC by Ericsson, and the trial platform for 5G NR UE by Intel.

“Intel and the industry have worked closely together on the finalization of the 3GPP 5G R15 standard and now we will collaborate to help operators accelerate their 5G networks, as Intel evolves its LTE modem line-up toward the Intel XMM 8000 series modem by 2019,” stated Asha Keddy, vice president of next generation and standards at Intel.

The Intel XMM 8000 Series was announced in November 2017. It is a series of modems designed to support 5G networks. According to Intel, the latest 5G modems are also intended to support network infrastructure factors such as cost efficiency, flexibility, and scalability for the redefinition of software networks. The network devices provide cloud service deployment, larger bandwidth capacity, lower latency, and edge computing capabilities.

In addition to improving performing of network performance in mobile devices via 5G, the modems may be tweaked to assist autonomous vehicles, other varieties of connected devices, smart cities, and video streaming experience. These capacities are supported by the Intel Xeon D-2100 system-on-chip processor.

The end-to-end data call was completed on July 6, 2018 with the collaboration of 18 telecommunications companies including Asia Pacific Telecom, Bouygues Telecom, China Telecom, SK Telecom, Telstra, and T-Mobile USA.