GE, Microsoft Forge Partnership to Help Industries Reach IIoT Ecosystem


One of GE's international offices located in Queensland, Australia. / Photo by: Luna.Maree via Wikimedia Commons


General Electric and Microsoft entered their largest partnership to support the adoption of the Industrial Internet of Things for customers. The partnership may aid proofs-of-concept that failed to reach large-scale initiatives in the IIoT market.

The joint effort of the two companies will bring forth operational and information technologies to remove specific problems encountered by industrial firms. These said problems commonly slow down the advancement of digital projects that can result in the inability to adopt IIoT. One effect of the partnership is the implementation of the Predix IoT platform by GE on Microsoft Azure.

“Every industrial company will have to master digital to compete in the future, connecting machines and making them more intelligent to drive efficiency and productivity,” said Bill Ruh, chief digital officer at GE.

Predix is a cloud-based platform designed for industrial settings to speed up the development and deployment of IIoT applications. The platform also deploys these applications in a secure manner. Here are some features the platform enables in industrial companies:

- The software includes services to make equipment and machines workable with IoT.

- The platform has a built-in security engine to reduce risks, increase control, and improve the visibility of connected machines in the IoT ecosystem.

- The system provides an analytical tool to help manage data, predict assets, and review performance.

- A digital twin included in the platform acts as a model for analyzing, processing, and simplifying forecasts and operations.

- Machine learning is enabled in the platform that can be used for automated diagnostics and monitoring of equipment.

- Dedicated mobile apps allow users to access and synchronize data while on the go.

The Predix platform is compatible with the cloud service of Microsoft Azure. According to Microsoft, the cloud service of the platform meets the standards and compliance for customer support.