New Autonomous Tractors for Agricultural Tasks Announced


A Yanmar tractor. / Photo by: Corpse Reviver via Wikimedia Commons


Tractors are machines that provide the necessary power for performing agricultural tasks such as plowing, planting, and harvesting crops. Yanmar, a Japanese diesel engine manufacturer, launched new tractors with autonomous technology to ease some burdens of farmers.

The unmanned tractors for farming are called 2-Series tractors, equipped with the SMARTPILOT autonomous OS. The OS operates with combined features based on precision positioning data and robot technologies. 

According to the official website of Yanmar, the tractors are designed to enhance the efficiency of farm management and reduce the labor-intensive needs of farming crops. The company said that the autonomous machines can decrease the number of required manual laborers in farm settings, but increases the need for individuals who can operate the tractors.

Here are the main features of the autonomous tractors:

1. Two Operation Modes: The tractors can be operated in two autonomous modes. The Auto Mode enables the machines to drive in reverse and stop, and execute turns automatically. The Linear Mode allows the machines to perform certain driving maneuvers, such as driving back and forth. The 2-Series permits the operator to switch between the two modes and customize operations according to their skill level.

2. Optimized Operations: A durable, dustproof, and waterproof tablet with a size of 10 inches can control the operation and settings of 2-Series tractors. In addition, a single operator can operate up to two tractors using the tablet. The tablet illustrates information in icons and other images to let the operator estimate the work area, driving routes, and tracking.

3. Safety Sensors: For the Robot Tractors, several sensors and safety lights are installed to implement safety of unmanned operation.

4. Upgrades: For owners of YT tractor models, the autonomous operation may be obtained through an upgrade to install OS which enhances machine efficiency and performance.