AI-powered Antivirus Better than Standard Antivirus, Company Claims


anti virus on a laptop/ Photo By via Shutterstock


Artificial intelligence can power almost every computer system and application. At Cylance, developers decided to use AI to improve the performance and reliability of an antivirus software.

At least 350,000 malware are created every day in different parts of the world. Each one can potentially affect more than one device. In some cases, the malware infects devices used in businesses that can cause damage or injury.

To help solve problems in recognizing malware, Cylance launched the CylancePROTECT antivirus powered with AI technology. With deep learning, the antivirus can learn which particular files are good or bad in the system. This method tackles the vulnerability found in standard antivirus software.

A standard antivirus obtains security definition from the servers and needs to update every day to ensure protection. However, signature-based antivirus software can slow down some computer systems and may require a security breach to work.

On the other hand, an antivirus augmented with AI can detect the patterns of malware before it breaches the system. According to KTLA 5, an experiment was conducted wherein an infected email attachment was opened in two computers. One was vulnerable and the other was shielded by the AI antivirus. When the email was opened using the unprotected computer, the malware took over the entire system and rendered every single file useless. But the AI antivirus managed to block and quarantine the malicious item before it can enter the system. Moreover, the AI security software, although two years old, still managed to stop the infection.

"We take what we call a proactive approach, which means we don't need to rely on updates or getting actual copies of actual software to write a fix for it. Rather, we use the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to identify good and bad software before it even has an opportunity to run," stated Christopher Bray, general manager of consumer division at Cylance.

The CylancePROTECT is now available in a consumer version after it was initially released for businesses.