Nokia Seeking Innovative Tech Startups for Industrial IoT Initiative


Nokia's office in Helsinki, Finland. / Photo by: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra via Wikimedia Commons


Nokia is currently looking for IoT-based startup companies in Brazil. This is part of the company’s approach to speed up its global IoT initiative.

With the Nokia Open Innovation Challenge, the company is searching for new innovative products and solutions among Industrial IoT. IIoT startup groups to be supported by experts at Nokia Bell Labs to create or enhance the first commercial deployment of new IoT offerings.

"We want to support the longevity of these ventures. For this edition we opted for a focus on solutions, systems, platforms, and applications that generate efficiency and intelligence on the realm of industrial automation -- and we have a significant contribution to make to the Brazilian manufacturing sector," explained Diana Coll, marketing director at Nokia Communication in Latin America.

All finalists from the challenge will receive financial assistance to support their technological endeavor. Also, they will be given access to Nokia facilities dedication in research and development throughout the duration of the challenge. The objective is to find a company with a potential to become a partner for joint innovative solutions.

Since Nokia Bell Labs is involved with the challenge, several innovations may become beneficial to participants, such as:

- The 5G platform-as-service or a customizable platform for acceleration and flexibility of 5G development.

- The F-Cell technology for better efficiency and optimized deployment of high capacity and low latency networks.

- The use of the next-generation PON to transport low latency using existing fiber-to-the-home setup.

This is not the first time Nokia tapped into the Brazilian tech arena. Back in 2015, Nokia and mobile operator Oi created the first lab for LTE-based technologies. The lab was funded by the national government to support IoT projects for connected cars, e-health, smart cities, and agribusiness.