Handy, Connected Vacuum Cleaners: The Next Best Thing in Home Cleaning


A robotic vacuum cleaner. / Photo by: Olga Miltsova via Shutterstock


Vacuum cleaners are used to quickly collect debris, dust, and other small elements in the house. But using such a device can be troublesome, especially large vacuums that need to be lugged around on multiple floors. As a solution, companies developed small, robotic vacuums to reduce the physical strain of cleaning floors.

At Neato Robotics, they developed the robotic vacuum called Botvac D7. Its dimensions are 12.5 inches in length and 13.2 inches in width. It has a height of 3.9 inches and weighs about 7.7 pounds. The LaserSmart mapping and navigation software powers the dirt-tracking mechanism of this high-tech but handy vacuum.

Once activated, it can track down allergens, dirt, and hair in floors, corners, and even walls. The developers intentionally designed the device with a D-shaped body to permit its movement on various surfaces. Users of the vacuum can customize and control it using a dedicated app on their smartphone.

“Picture this: you’re at work when you learn that unexpected company is on the way to your house. You grab your smartphone, access the Neato app and with a couple of taps, your Neato robot immediately starts cleaning. Your floors – at least – are clean when your guests arrive,” said Nancy Nunziati, vice president of marketing at Neato.

Botvac D7 is not the only robotic vacuum commercially available. According to BGR, the best for all-around cleaning is the Electrolux Pure i9. It has a triangular shape that enables it to work in both round and non-round houses. The robot can even climb to a height of an inch so it can access elevated floors that need to be cleaned. Compared with a standard vacuum, Pure i9 detects the type of flooring to provide the best cleaning method without destroying the hardwood or the carpet.

Both the Botvac D7 and Pure i9 use wireless connectivity for communication and software updates.