Tamiya Unveils Robot Centipede Toy


Tamiya's Plamodel Factory in Shimabashi, Tokyo, Japan. / Photo by: Tea via Wikimedia Commons


Tamiya, a Japanese manufacturer of remote-controlled toy trucks, has just released a robot toy centipede. The design is based on the i-Centipot robot that was developed by a team from the Osaka University’s Graduate School of Engineering, reports tech site Techly.

Professor Koichi Osuka, who led the research team, said that they have created the robot to prove their hypothesis that life reacts to its surroundings and not on its innate intelligence. The team added that the build-it-yourself robot can portray the realistic movements of the actual centipede.

The self-assembly robotic creature kit was also cataloged by Tamiya under their educational construction series. In its official description, the robot is detailed to have a motion that can be tweaked by simply changing the steering bar’s position located on the head of the robot. The robot toy likewise has an internal gearbox with an internal motor, wherein the legs of the centipede toy are connected by universal joints.

The Japanese company furthermore pointed out that the technology can function by using only two AAA batteries.

Japan is said to be going through a biorobot craze at the moment. Biorobotics refer to the subfield of robotics that focuses on making robots that emulate living biological organisms. Recently, the country even introduced Kengoro. It is a robot designed to sweat through its aluminum frame to keep cool. The robot was built by the University of Tokyo to overcome the problem of overheating machines.