DataOnline and Independent Technologies Combine Resources for Industrial IoT


DataOnline, an IoT solutions has acquired the hardware and software provider, Independent Technologies / Photo by


Global provider of IIoT solutions, DataOnline, has acquired the hardware and software provider, Independent Technologies to enable development of new products and enhance the user experience of businesses.

DataOnline focuses on machine-to-machine solutions, specifically designed to monitor industrial assets. Meanwhile, Independent Technologies provides solutions for telecommunications, power industries, and oil and gas production. Together, their engineering resources can support the innovation and deployment of several services such as low-power wide-area network technologies and predictive analytics.

 “We’re leveraging our scale and expertise in multiple monitoring segments – industrial gas, LPG, LNG, CO2, oil & gas, water – to provide unparalleled service and customer outcomes. We are focused on partnering with our customers to enable improvements in safety, efficiency, and service to their own customers,” stated Chet Reshamwala, Chief Operating Officer at DataOnline, quoted Pehub.

Independent Technologies has six companies and each specializes in at least one type of application, which can be deployed for IIoT settings:

1. Wesroc is a company that specializes in both hardware and software for Tank Monitoring Solutions. Their solutions can be applied in agricultural, commercial, industrial, and governmental settings. They also support solutions for propane and fuel oil, and property management.

2. Metrotel is a provider of test accessories and equipment for telecommunications. The company produces auto-dialers, call processors, frequency locators, and power supplies for indoor and outdoor telecommunication applications.

3. Sheyenne Dakota focuses on manufacturing a variety of wiring harnesses and assembly, which are used in construction, farming vehicles, and other industrial equipment.

4. Berry Test Sets is a company that tests transmission of all types of telecommunications. They can provide analog and digital voice, and data testing equipment.

5. Wintel is a maker of heavy-duty phones commonly used in public. They manufacture handsets, private speakerphones, and associated replacement parts, among others.

6. Pure Tower provides solutions for the cell tower industry.