Immediate Future Appointed to Drive Internet Freedom


FCC headquarters. / Photo by: Ser Amantio di Nicolao via Wikimedia Commons


Non-profit organization Internet Society has appointed the independent social media consultancy Immediate Future to centralize its social media presence to drive its “Internet is for everyone” vision.

The appointment is intended to pursue three main essentials of Internet Society's social activity:

1. Bring diverse voices to internet governance

With the recent death of net neutrality in the U.S., the global principle of internet governance may be put to the test. Since 2015, net neutrality had protected internet data use from discrimination from Internet service providers. But now that weaker FCC rules are in place, tension in internet freedom can become more pronounced, with "shady behaviors and subtle changes to the wording of marketing or user agreements" becoming a concern, according to an online article published in Tech Crunch.

2. Connecting the unconnected with community networks

Not every community across the globe has access to the internet. Many regions suffer from poverty and lack of access to modern technology. Setting up community networks will make it possible for ordinary folks to have Internet access, and in turn get involved in social media. “We know that the best and most lasting solutions are ones that we arrive at through cooperation and mutual respect. Social media adds to that by providing people around the world with a better understanding of the power we all have to influence the Internet - from the infrastructure to AI and IoT,” stated Neville Hobson, social media strategist at Internet Society, as quoted by The Drum Network.

3. Tackling the security and privacy concern of IoT

 As IoT ecosystems improve, so does the concern with privacy and security such as data protection, confidentiality, and authenticity. 

Immediate Future has the experience and capability to provide insights, develop strategies, and manage campaigns to drive Internet Society's social activity cornerstones. They've been social specialists since the days of MySpace and one of the most respected social media agencies in the UK. They count as clients such known brands as Fujitsu, Sony Music, and Thomson Reuters among others.