A Pizza Hut outlet in South Korea has started using robot waiter to serve pizza to diners / Photo by


A Pizza Hut outlet in South Korea has started to use a robot waiter to serve pizzas to their diners. This is according to South Korean news agency, Yonhap.

The robot, which they call Dilly Plate, is capable of serving up to 22 kilograms of food at once. The publication likewise said that the maker of this robot is the brainchild of the popular food delivery app Baedal Minjok. 

Dilly Plate is a self-driving robot that is designed for restaurants. Its purpose is to assist the human employees. In a single charge, the robot can last for eight hours and it uses sensors and 3D camera to control its movement. The robot can likewise avoid people and obstacles while it is serving food to the customers.

A spokesman from Baedal Minjok said that the robot can move quickly but they have limited the speed to the same rate as that of a human walking. This is for the safety of both the pizzas it carries and the customers of Pizza Hut. The spokesman added that if Dilly will move too fast than the normal human walking speed, it could create emergency situations like collisions. 

They further hope that the two-week trial with Pizza Hut will give more data regarding the robot’s operation and they aim to introduce it to more restaurants in the future.

Pizza Hut Korea’s senior marketing executive Cho Yoon-sang said, ”We decided [to hire] Dilly with hopes of enhancing work efficiency and improving customer service.” Cho added that they hope that the robot will unburden their human staff from having to carry the food.

The report was also published in Korea Joongang Daily, in association with the New York Times.