Vodafone’s Internet of Things SIM Cards Now Commercially Available


A Vodafone store. IoT powered SIM cards are now available in all Vodafone stores. / Photo by: Donald_Trung via Wikimedia Commons


British telecommunications company, Vodafone launched their Internet of Things SIM cards to consumers. The company is the first to release such products to the market.

Users who purchased and activated the SIM cards would be able to connect to the telecom's IoT networks in 32 countries. Devices equipped with IoT SIMs could sustain a connection to the network as long as the mobile signal is available, something the devices cannot do using WiFi connectivity. The company has started the commercialization of the SIM cards in Ireland.

“The internet of things is already beginning to transform how businesses operate. Over the next decade, the expansion of IoT into consumer markets will bring about an equally dramatic shift in how people manage their daily lives, at home and in their leisure time,” stated Vittorio Colao, CEO at Vodafone, quoted Silicon Republic.

According to DZone, IoT SIM cards have several advantages over standard cellular SIM cards. First is the automated process that currently runs in IoT ecosystems and machine-to-machine environments. The automatic processing capability of IoT SIM cards enables machines to quickly notify engineers if something is wrong. The machines can also send relevant data through the connection to let the engineers know where to find the problem.

Second, the new SIM cards will be able to access network roaming either on a steered or non-steered basis. The access minimizes the risk of losing the mobile signal because the SIM cards have multi-network compatibility, enabling the search for the strongest, available network when the primary network is unavailable.

Third, the SIM cards feature full administration access to monitor which devices are connected and which of them are utilizing data. This feature can be essential in businesses that need to control the situation of all connected SIMs.

Vodafone estimates that about 370 million consumer electronics and smart home devices will be able to connect to the IoT network by 2020.