SYNNEX Launches New IoT Tracking Solution for Delivery Vehicles


SYNNEX will play a major role in making delivery services faster and more liable by putting IoT on delivery vehicles like this softdrink delivery vehicle. / Photo by: Pierre-Yves Beaudouin via Wikimedia Commons


Supply chain company SYNNEX begins the transformation of shipping services through the implementation of IoT ecosystems. The company developed the TrackingForLess solution to improve business tracking systems at a lower cost.

In businesses, internet of things technologies significantly enhanced the visibility of day-to-day operations which can potentially unlock opportunities for efficiency and growth. But many IoT ecosystems still use traditional GPS-based services to track real-time operations. According to Microsoft, traditional GPS-based services can be expensive and limited to small and medium-sized enterprises.

To address these two problems, SYNNEX developed the TrackingForLess service by working with the engineering consultant, Embedded Works, and software developer, Microsoft. The company paired the GPS technology with Azure IoT Hub and Stream Analytics to support a wide array of services, such as real-time environmental and location monitoring, theft detection, remote diagnostics, and maintenance scheduling.

“When we started to build out our IoT practice, we looked at what we thought were the largest opportunity areas, and transportation was one of them. By integrating Microsoft Azure with the Embedded Works technology, we knew we could deliver fleet management, asset tracking, and ELD in one solution, so it was a good place for us to start,” stated Rob Moyer, vice president of Cloud Mobility and IoT at SYNNEX.

Companies that will use the new solution service can embed sensors and trackers in their trucks and trailers, then let the software manage the real-time tracking. All connected delivery vehicles will become visible in the company-managed IoT radar and nearly every activity can be monitored by business owners. The simplification provided by the new platform can save resources like time, manpower, energy, and fuel, and even protect customers from delays or errors.

Quality Logistics, a trucking company, has adopted the platform to support more than 120 trucks and 400 trailers that transport different goods in the US and North America.