Tokyo Hailed as 2018 Most Innovative City


Tokyo was hailed as 2018 most innovative city in the world surpassing even New York and London. / Photo by: yellowmagics9 via Pixabay


Tokyo has been recognized as the world’s most innovative city, surpassing New York and London after it embraced the trends of 3-D manufacturing and robotics. This is the result of the annual global city ranking Innovation Cities Index, as reported recently by The Japan Times.

Japan’s capital city has risen rapidly in the rankings ever since it landed in the top 10 three years ago. Tokyo is just one of three Asian cities that cracked the highest positions in the ranking. The other two are Singapore (6th) and Sydney (10th). 

Christopher Hire, director of commercial data provider 2thinknow, which released the annual ranking, admitted that they were surprised by the “resurgence of Tokyo” when it leapfrogged its rival cities, including Boston. 

“They showed clear direction by embracing smart technology change to lead innovation and leadership in what we have identified as the twin long-term globe-shaking trends of robotics and 3-D manufacturing,” The Japan Times further quoted Hire.

The index judges cities based on 162 indicators, which include the potential for green businesses, web censorship, and wealth distribution. Seoul also ranked high in the index, claiming the 12th spot.

Landing also in the top five are New York and San Francisco, while smaller cities in the United States are highlighted as well. These include Oakland, Portland, and San Diego that proved they can attract tech companies that may not be able to afford the high price of keeping business in the San Francisco Bay Area.