AWS IoT Device Defender to Keep Amazon's IoT Ecosystems Safe


Amazon Owner Jeff Bezos. Bezos's company announced the availability of AWS IoT Device Defender to the public. / Photo by: Seattle City Council via Wikimedia Commons


Amazon has announced the general availability of AWS IoT Device Defender. The platform analyzes and detects violations of security in deployed IoT ecosystems.

Low computing power, limited memory, and remote deployment contribute to the security vulnerabilities of IoT ecosystems. These weaknesses are enough to let hackers perform distributed denial-of-service attacks.

At Amazon, developers created a platform to protect the integrity of connected devices in IoT environments. According to the reports by Forbes, the AWS IoT Device Defender is a fully managed service that constantly checks IoT configurations and notifies the owners of any issues. If the configurations deviate from the original settings without the owner’s authorization, the platform sends out an alert about the security gaps such as an unauthorized sharing of identity certificates in multiple devices or a device with revoked identity attempting to connect to the IoT.

Its functions are divided into two main categories to track down security breaches associated with IoT configurations:

1. Audit. The platform actively audits resources related to connected devices. They include X.509 certifications, IoT policies, and Client IDs. It can even figure out multiple devices using the same identity in the IoT network.

2. Detect. The platform is constantly on the lookout for abnormal device behaviors that may signify a security breach. It monitors the number of listening TCP ports on authorized devices and counts of authorization failure to guard the ecosystem. As part of this feature, the owner can set specific behaviors that will be accepted as normal.

Aside from sending notifications to the user, the platform can recommend actions to reduce the effects of potential security problems.