Open-Source Driving Platform Can Make Standard Cars Semi-Autonomous

Autopilot, a tech company is offering a semi-autonomous driving platform called Openpilot that enables ghostriding for consumers / Photo by


An open-source self-driving platform may deliver smart cars to the masses.

Tech company is offering a semi-autonomous driving platform that enables “ghostriding” for consumers. The platform is created based on the capabilities of smartphones. The company calls their platform Openpilot – a level 2, partial-automation, add-on hardware for cars. Car owners who want to use it can have their vehicles retrofitted to accommodate the hardware.

To do this, an EON Dashcam Devkit must be installed in the vehicle. The kit is composed of a dashcam, a navigation system, and music, and runs on the Android operating system. It can support Spotify and Waze. The dashcam does not operate the vehicle but provides real-time road monitoring, the company’s website explains.

To obtain the copilot feature, the car requires the necessary EON codes. Once the codes are enabled, the vehicle will receive functions like Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keeping Assist System. For bug fixes and improvements, the system can obtain them from the open source repository of Openpilot in GitHub.

According to Medium, the platform supports several car brands and models including BMW, Hyundai, Land Rover, Suzuki, and Toyota. In GitHub, developers have released two main types of carports to increase the number of supported car models.

Model carports are used for particular car model, model year, or trim in case the brand is already supported. Usually, minimal changes in the code are needed to make the vehicle compatible with Openpilot.

Meanwhile, a brand carport is required if the brand is not supported. The same port is applied if the model has significant differences from currently supported models. The number of code changes needed to be performed is significantly greater, compared to the model carport.

Since Openpilot is a level 2 autonomy system, drivers still must always pay attention to the road to avoid accidents.