Netstart and SqwidNET Partnership to Deploy IoT Upgrades in Vehicle Recovery


IoT is now being used to track lost vehicles and it will be useful to solve carnapping cases around the world. / Photo by: Graham Richardson via Wikimedia Commons


Netstar, a stolen vehicle tracking and recovery company, and licensed Sigfox operator SqwidNET have formed a partnership aimed to improve vehicle tracking systems using new IoT technologies.

A direct result of the agreement is the introduction of new and cost-effective telematics devices, moving Netstar beyond traditional means of vehicle tracking in South Africa. The digital transformation will use low power wide area networks to perform services.

“We are certainly excited with a partnership with Netstar, as an enabler to taking our technology to new levels of innovation,” said Chetan Goshalia, chief sales and marketing officer at SqwidNET. “Netstar has ensured that their devices are Sigfox Ready. This means all assets tracked by Netstar will be visible, with message delivery under an SLA, in South Africa and in any of the 45 countries Sigfox operates in at no extra cost. This results in significant operational efficiencies for Netstar.”

The partnership is expected to upgrade the services provided by Netstar to consumers, such as:

- Stolen Vehicle Tracking and Recovery: The service has an average recovery rate of less than an hour. It uses a multitude of features like jamming resist, jamming alert, and nanotechnology sensors.

- GSM and GPS: This service handles the Global System for Mobile Communication and Global Positioning System, capable of tracking the real-time location and movement reports.

- Fleet Management: This service digitally connects fleet management and vehicle telematics to create a digital fleet solution system. The system is composed of dynamic routing, scheduling software, onboard cameras, and web-based solutions.

SqwidNET, on the other hand, focuses on the IoT ecosystem particularly focused on vehicle tracking. According to the company’s website, the driver behavior solution can send updates every 10 minutes. The information gathered contains data, such as GPS coordinates, driver behavioral indicators, and sensor error codes.