Australian Technology Firm Launches Device For Wireless Access Of Gov't Networks

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Penten, an Australian techology company, is bringing a tiny device that promises benefits and savings in securing wireless access to classified data and government networks. 

The Canberra-based company's flagship product, the AltoCrypt Stik, is a small USB-based device designed to deliver wireless access to government networks for individuals dealing with data subject to stringent security controls. The target market for the Stik comprises military and national security agencies in Australia, the UK and New Zealand.

According to Matthew Wilson, Penten CEO, the small and discreet device integrates encryption, routers, and security appliances without the need for any cables, but still delivers the same level of security and assurance as the large systems. 

The Stik also costs about a tenth of what agencies are paying currently, Wilson dded.

“We've already sold devices but they’re prototype devices,” Wilson explained. “Customers in the UK and Australia have already purchased devices and that’s really about supporting their own testing and evaluation processes, which have all been successful.”

Penten is currently exploring the possibilities to offer the product in the US.

Prior to the AltoCrypt Stik, most of Penten’s work has been on custom security solutions for customers.

Source: Author: Ervins Strauhmanis