Take Cyber Security Seriously, Barclays CSO Warns UK Companies

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Anyone at the top of an organization's ladder must understand the potential risks of not having a good cyber security in a business, Barclays Chief Security Office warns. 

According to Christopher Greany, Barclays Chief Security Office Head of Group Investigations, the recent cyber attacks must serve as a warning to other companies and may be only a matter of time before a full-blown attack occurs.

Last year, the software companies Sage and TalkTalk were victimized by a security breach which compromised the personal information of thousands of its employees and customers.

On the other hand, the National Health Service (NHS) was recently attacked by a ransomware WannaCry. Although no patient data from NHS was stolen, the attack has led to cancelled operations and diverted ambulances.

Having a good cyber security strategy is essential in any company, Greany added. Particularly for the NHS, this is a critical factor because its nature of business is to keep people alive and safe, he explained.

Greany also said the problem stems from people in organizations disregarding the potential impact of cyber-attacks because this is not a threat seen by the naked eye. What usually happens is that after a cybercrime, the crime scene is not a visible one so once the threat is over, people do not realize how serious the impact of the attack was. 

Greany suggests that an effective cyber strategy is still prevention, understanding what data you hold, and investing on updated IT systems, because once the attacks commence, it can most probably undo the damage.

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/111692634@N04/16203259800 Author: Blue Coat Photos

There's something Greany said that you can use as a great angle for your rewrite. Read the fourth paragraph of the original article. It talks about hacks into patient data that could come soon. Subsequent paragraphs discuss the implications of such an attack. Better to write about that instead of just parroting the original article.