Facebook Uses AI to Help Combat Misinformation and Hate in Myanmar


Facebook hired more than 600 Myanmar language experts to better review the content posted on their site / Photo by Flickr.com


Facebook has recently launched new measures to fight misinformation and hate in Myanmar, a place where the social media giant is believed to have fueled the ethnic violence against the Rohingya people. This is according to the Washington Post.

Facebook has been recently criticized by the United Nations, human right activists, and lawmakers for its role in the crisis that occurred in Myanmar. In reaction, the social media network has pledged to be more involved in a “broader defense” against the spread of false and controversial information on its site, added the Daily Mail.

The effort includes having Facebook employees travel to Myanmar so that they will have a better insight into the current events in the country, as revealed in a blog post. It added that Facebook has also hired more than 60 Myanmar language experts to better review content posted on their site. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg likewise promised to hire more people to review posts to tell if they are hate speeches. They are reportedly planning to increase the number of language experts by 100 before 2018 ends.

Sara Su, the company’s product manager, admitted though that people alone won’t be able to catch all the bad content on their site. That is why they also heavily rely on artificial intelligence. Zuckerberg has regarded AI as a tool that other social media companies can use to analyze and dissect the high volume of posts and then identify which can cause trouble. He also revealed that the technology is far from being perfect and that it will take AI five to 10 years before it is able to correctly identify false information and hate speeches.

The AI technology is now being tested in Myanmar, and Facebook has recently announced that it was able to catch 52% of posts that may be violating its policies before they were even reported by users.