AI Helps Match Veterans’ Skills for Civilian Jobs


SkillMil has develop an artificial intelligence that help match veterans for the right civilian jobs / Photo by


A San Francisco startup SkillMil, founded by former US Navy submarine commander Noel Gonzales, has developed an artificial intelligence that can help match veterans with the right civilian jobs. This is according to a report published in the US newspaper, Roll Call.

While the company recognized that the US Department of Veterans Affairs through its Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program is helping veterans find the appropriate job after their military service, such program is often short for funding and counselors.  The daily said that the federal law requires that for every 125 veterans seeking for a full-time civilian work, there has to be one counselor assigned to help them. However, the program never reaches such a ratio. 

This is why Gonzales’ firm has created an AI-driven software that can translate the military job codes into an assessment for the civilian employees and will connect the veterans into a job that will fit their skills. Gonzales said that, for now, they continue to test the software. He also said that in 2017, the software has already matched 40% of their test group to the civilian jobs and it resulted in an 80% satisfaction rate with lower job turnover.

The former US Navy submarine commander added that artificial intelligence should show the way to a more automatic matching and profiling of veterans to the right jobs. He detailed that normally after the veterans leave the military, they would have to go through three or four companies before they can find a stable employment or the right fit.