New Fitness Gadget Helps You Lose Weight Through Your Breath


A device that uses breath to track metabolism was created by an Israeli company called Lumen / Photo by Piksel via


With a lot of people having renewed focus on keeping themselves healthy, it’s no surprise that numerous methods of fitness are being discovered and invented on a regular basis. Add to the list something quite revolutionary, and it’s called the Lumen.

Lumen was created by an Israeli company and funded through Indiegogo. It’s a device that uses your breath to track your metabolism. Yes, you read that right.

By measuring your Respiratory Quotient (RQ), the device can analyze the amount of CO2 you burn. If the amounts of CO2 you are exhaling exceed level 1.0 on the RQ scale, then you are getting a large chunk of energy from carbohydrates in your body. If it’s lower than .7 RQ, your body has a tendency to burn more fats.

The Lumen’s companion app then uses this data to recommend the foods you need to eat throughout the day. If you use the device before exercise, the app will suggest what you need to ingest so you handle your workout regimen.

While the device may be revolutionary, it is not the first one to have such a concept. A similar product

called PATH Breath+Band reached its crowdfunding goal in 2016, but you will have a hard time seeing one sold today. Even its website has not been updated for the longest time. Of course, Lumen may prove to be different and truly deliver on its promise.

An encouraging aspect of Lumen is its use of RQ technology that has been out there for a while.

Dror Ceder, founder & CPMO of Lumen, stated, “Everyone’s metabolism is different. You may think you have a fast or slow metabolism, but in fact, it changes every day based on your nutrition, sleep, and activity. With Lumen, you can actually see if you have enough energy in your body for a run or what to eat for dinner to stay on track to meet your goals.”