Monitor-IO: To Buy or Not to Buy


Monitor IO is an IoT device that tells the user if the user's Internet is working or not. / Photo by: Linux Screenshots via Flickr


A new gadget will help you determine whether or not something is worth spending your money on. Monitor-IO is an IoT device costing $100 that will tell its user if their internet is working properly or not. Basically, you plug it to your router, and its screen that is color-coded will show immediately the status of your internet connection. The product also provides more details like how long the connection has been on or how long the lag spikes have been happening.

You might think that a gadget that performs such basic tasks will not be worth its price since most people can easily tell if the internet is down or if it’s having connectivity issues. Looking more closely at the product, however, reveals a lot of details and features.

Monitor-IO provides different information, such as the local IP address of the device so you can access your account at the company’s website ( to get more information including graphs that show your overall internet speed and connectivity throughout the month. This will help you check where the issues might be that are hampering your connectivity, or if it’s just the service that is crappy.

You can also monitor your home network and find out if and neighbors are actually piggybacking on your Wi-Fi connection. You can even connect all of your IoT devices to monitor if they are working or receiving a connection or not.

Overall, you’ll be able to know more about your home connection and the devices associated with it. However, the $100 price tag on Monitor-IO may prove to be the deal breaker for a lot of people.