Japanese Telecom Giant Invests $100M To Cybereason

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Japanese telecommunications giant SoftBank Corp. has announced Wednesday its $100 million investment in Israeli cybersecurity firm Cybereason.

According to SoftBank president and CEO Ken Miyauchi, of all the cybersecurity products the company has tested, he was particularly impressed with Cybereason's products. Miyauchi also believes Cybereason "will be one of the global leaders in cybersecurity".

SoftBank is one of the four investors of Cybereason, others including CRV, Lockheed Martin and Spark Capital, bringing total investments for the past two years to $189 million.

According to CEO Lior Dev, this new development is indeed good news for the cybersecurity firm. Div also mentioned that due to the constant threat of hackers in most companies worldwide, SoftBank's significant investment and strong partnership will allow Cybereason "to increase growth through new distribution channels and to develop new technologies." With Softbank's powerful sales force, an enterprise customer base in Japan, and a global reach, Cybereason will be able "to further expand their presence in the cybersecurity market.”.

Cybereason's cybersecurity technology and monitoring services have also protected hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies from highly advanced attacks, including the recent WannaCry ransomware attack.

Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Softbank_Mobile_SHOP_ikebukuro_japan.jpg Author: Kici