Big Data Analytics Set for Exponential Growth in India

Big Data

A report about India's IT industry that Big Data analytics can make an exceptional growth in the country's IT industry. / Photo by: rawpixel via 123RF


Recent reports have suggested that the big data analytics sector is ready for exponential growth in India, thereby increasing job opportunities in their IT industry. This can prove to be very beneficial to the country as a whole due to the number of jobs that will be available in the next few years. Actually, they expect a multi-faceted growth by the year 2025, according to Suresh Katta, founder of the US-based software firm Saama Technologies, as quoted by a report published on

Katta recently delivered a speech on the concepts of data analysis at the VIT-AP Amaravati campus. He stated that there were a lot of opportunities to work in the field of data science and similar subjects in the next 20 or so years. He went on to say that by focusing on these new technologies, students could have the chance to work anywhere in the world due to the increasing demand for jobs associated with them.

According to Katta, there is high demand for artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, and analytics that can very well add even more employment opportunities. He stated that a majority of the workforce that is based in the IT sector will have to restudy and to hone their skills in data science and analysis to be able to make the most of this large employment boom expected to arrive quite soon.

The influx of jobs in the country will further push technology and research to greater heights, which will benefit its citizens greatly.

After his talk, Katta complimented VIT-AP Vice President Sekar Viswanathan and Vice Chancellor D. Subhakar for the quality education and discipline that are imparted on the school’s students.