Suprize is a Source of Surprise

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Prizes nowadays can now be won via applications / Photo by: GlebSStock via Shutterstock via Shutterstock


Earlier this year, one of the biggest music celebrities in the world, Drake, teased a chance for one lucky fan to win his Scorpion jacket through Suprize, a new app recently launched in February that gives out prizes to those who win in games. This bit of advertisement from the artist ended up being both a boon and a bane for the app as the large number of people who logged onto the app hoping to win the jacket caused it to crash, according to an article posted on

An anonymous source familiar with the matter said, “The Scorpion jacket is still available to win. As the app crashed ahead of a winner being announced, the jacket is still up for grabs and will be released on the app shortly.”

Aside from the Scorpion jacket from Drake, tickets for the Aubrey & the Three Migos Tour also available, with the winner having the choice of which date they would want to attend.

How the app works is quite simple: the moment you log into the app, you’ll be able to see a countdown for when the next game you have to play and the new prize will be available, with instructions to the user given 30 seconds before the actual game starts. Once the countdown reaches zero, the first one to finish the game wins the prize.

Suprize offers a straightforward, no-obligation sort of game that fuses pop culture, entertainment, fashion, and gaming that is designed to be as simple as making a few taps on a user’s phone screen.

Lots of prizes can be won every day, though it is important to note that once you win, you must wait 10 days before you can win another.

The people behind the app still remain a mystery, although some reports point to Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber, both of whom are connected to Drake.