New Device to Manage Diabetes


There is now a new device that can help children manage their type 1 diabetes. / Photo by: Reversing Your Diabetes Today via Wikimedia Commons


According to a report posted on, Nemours Children’s Specialty Care based in Jacksonville just became the first medical facility to test out a new device on children that will help them manage their Type 1 diabetes.

The device is a bionic pancreas called iLet that is currently being developed by Nemours and just three other medical facilities in the US.

In an interview with Josie Moore, an 11-year-old girl who participated in the first trial of the program, she expressed hope that one day she will be able to wear this new device on a more permanent basis.

Josie became a part of Nemours after being diagnosed in 2015 with Type 1 diabetes. For her, this condition has become a bit troublesome because every time she eats, she must check her glucose levels to know if she’s in acceptable limits, something she does multiple times a day.

Lisa Moore, Josie’s mother, stated, “It’s been sleepless nights, lots of oversight, teaching Josie how to care for herself because at some point we have to let her take over and manage her diabetes.” With this new technology, instead of monitored insulin pumps, all of Josie’s monitoring on a daily basis will be done by iLet.

Keisha Bird, a nurse practitioner who is part of the research team, said, “We’re always trying to figure out what’s the best formula or algorithm to keep them under control. This device takes that away. So, it’s funny to say, would this kind of take away our job? Well, it would because the device is doing all the work so there’s no guesstimating.”

The Nemours team, as well as Josie and her mother, look to 2020 when the device is properly analyzed and tested to be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and hopefully released to the public so that millions of people with diabetes can live with less worry.