Google’s Titan Keys Will Give You Peace of Mind

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Google proved to the public that they are always ahead in the competition when they released a new security feature called Google Titan. / Photo by: Austin McKinley via Wikimedia Commons


Google has always been at the forefront when it comes to innovation in technology, and with their new product for security, it can prove once again that the company is one step ahead of the competition.

There are different security systems already out there on the market, such as a two-factor authentication code that is sent to a user’s specific phone. It is a sufficient way for authentication purposes, but the text message containing the code can easily be intercepted. Moreover, a lot of sites and services currently do not support stronger authenticator codes.

Security keys are one of the strongest lines of defense against hackers and malicious programs. This is due to the hacker requiring not just the password for the respective account but the actual physical key.

There are already a few security keys out in the market, like those of Yubikey and Feitian just to name a few. Google, however, thinks they can go further with their Titan security keys.

The company’s branded and in-house-developed security keys are now available, one of which is a USB key, while the other has support for Bluetooth and NFC for use on mobile devices. Once you enroll both of them, one of the keys will be stored in a safe location while the other stays on your person.

The reason why Google is claiming that Titan is stronger than the competition is because it has incorporated into its products what’s best in the market, like FIDO standards plus even more extra protection inside. The company boasts that it has its own unique and specific software embedded on each key that prevents tampering. With unmodifiable firmware, the key prevents almost anyone from extracting the user’s private data and information. The company also states that by sealing the encryption data right before the hardware chips are delivered to the factories, it will reduce the risk of manufacturing attacks over the course of time.

We are definitely only in the early days of security keys, and Google wants them to stay relevant by keeping them cheap and available for the average consumer. Those who need an extra layer of protection, however, can go for the Titan keys that will give them more peace of mind.