Apple's New Privacy Policy Requirements

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Recently, the Apple company has laynched their new privacy policies to public / Photo by: Anton_Ivanov via Shutterstock


Apple has revealed their new stance on privacy and the method it handles large amounts of user data, according to an article on Tim Cook, the company’s CEO and one of the most pro-privacy people in the business, has made this a centerpiece of what Apple stands for.

On a post directed to app developers, Apple has stated that it is making a shift in the way it deals with the developer community. That starting October 3, every approved app including the ones that are undergoing beta or alpha testing will require a privacy policy in place for it in order to be submitted for distribution on the App Store or through the TestFlight testing.

The company has also made it clear that the developers can only modify the new privacy policy links or text only when they submit a newer version of the app. This means that the app developers cannot change what people signed for, nor can they change the language and/or the meaning of the text in the privacy policy.

In a recent article by TechCrunch, it was pointed out that there may still be a loophole that can be exploited. It speculated that developers might still be able to change the text on any external webpage at any given time if their privacy policy redirects to that page. However, Apple’s new policy is still being revised and finalized.

TechCrunch noted that “Apple has already taken a stance on apps it finds questionable, like Facebook’s data-sucking VPNapp Onavo, which it kicked out of the App Store earlier this month. The app had been live for years, however, and its App Store text did disclose the data it collected was shared with Facebook. The fact that Apple only booted it now seems to indicate it will take a tougher stance on apps which are designed to collect user data as one of their primary functions going forward.”