New App by Instagram Focused on Shopping

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Instagram is on the process of launching its new app dubbed as "IG Shopping" will allow users to browse items from different businesses and merchants then buy directly through the app / Photo by


Per a report on based on a story that came out in The Verge, Instagram is said to be in the process of launching a new app that is created specifically for online shopping.

This new app dubbed “IG Shopping” will allow the users to browse items from different businesses and merchants that they currently follow and then buy them directly through the app itself. Keep in mind that like the Messenger for Facebook, you will have to download this new Instagram app separately.

Ever since Facebook got their hands on Instagram, the app has ceased to be just a simple image-sharing program but has evolved into an e-commerce and marketplace where people can sell products to their target consumers easier. From the recent earnings report by Facebook, it was revealed that Instagram already has a vast community of merchants and businesses that thrive on the app, with numbers reaching to more than 25 million different businesses and more than 80% of users already following at least one account whose main use is for business.

Any of the recent Instagram users would have also seen that there was a testing for an in-app shopping feature that has been popping up since 2016, which allows different merchants to tag their respective products so that the users can buy straight from the link in the picture. Now they are also testing another feature that lets people buy things not just from pictures but from Instagram Stories as well.

Facebook is already positioning to be a large social shopping market on top of it being a social media platform, designing the feature as a subsection. But since Instagram is giving more focus to designer and “hipster” brands, the app is better poised to create a more specialized and competitive social commerce community.