Open Hybrid Initiative Set Up to Tackle Big Data

Big Data

IBM and other companies teamed up for building a streamlined hybris computing system to handle big data workloads./ Photo by: Vinoo202 via Wikimedia Commons


A report published on revealed that IBM, Red Hat, and Hortonworks have come together with the objective of building a streamlined hybrid computing architecture for the specific purpose of handling big data workloads. This project, called the Open Hybrid Architecture Initiative, aims to simplify deployment and free movement for data apps.

The decision came about due to the speed in development of cloud computing platforms like Azure and Google Cloud that has given different organizations many new options for handling and storing large amounts of data. It has also resulted in more options for companies on how they deploy processing-intensive applications.

These developments have been both a blessing and a curse due to the fact that with the rate of expansion of new data technology and processing, we are having a hard time to actually keep up with the standards of analyzing these large swaths of data.

The reality of the situation is that despite the different computing possibilities in the cloud, the underlying architectures for building apps are just slowly starting to come together. Companies today are facing an issue of a lack of repeatable patterns that should be guiding developers, architects, and administrators in their task to build, deploy, and maintain hybrid spanning not only the cloud and the edge, but traditional on-prem data centers as well.

This is the main challenge being faced by the Open Hybrid Architecture Initiative. With it being launched this week ahead of the Strata Data Conference in New York City, the group detailed their plans to further integrate their own technologies with the aim of providing customers with more freedom of movement and run-time options for their big data workloads.

Currently, it is still a question if there are already cloud providers working with the Open Hybrid Architecture Initiative, or if there are even other members outside the three group founders. A spokesperson revealed that a website for the project will be put up soon.