Apple Watch Series 4 Can Save Your Life


Apple released the new Series 4 of the Apple Watch that can check your health especially your heart rate. / Photo by: fancycrave1 via Wikimedia Commons


Apple has always been one of the few companies that release consistent and fantastic pieces of technology on a yearly basis. Sometimes, though, the product that they introduce isn’t really fit for everyone, but they always find a way to reel you in. That may be the case for the new Apple Watch Series 4, as it has one capability that no other smartwatch on the market has at the moment: a built-in electrocardiogram.

Besides the standard ECG functionality, the Watch Series 4 can also monitor and send you notifications regarding issues with your body, specifically that of your heart, and store that report for your doctor later on, according to an article published on

Dr. Ivor Benjamin, the current president of the American Heart Association, stated, “Capturing meaningful data about a person’s heart in real time is changing the way we practice medicine.” He went on to explain on stage during the launch of the Watch Series 4, that in his extensive experience as a doctor, people often report symptoms that were not detected during their regular medical checkups. “That’s why information is vital—information about a person’s daily lifestyle choices and their specific health data,” he added.

By having access to those important information pertaining to health in a most convenient way, nearly literally at the palm of your hand, will be much useful to tell if a person is more susceptible to heart risks.

Apple has already been dropping hints last year with regard to where they are taking the Watch, mentioning health care in the same breath. Perhaps the only issue a lot of people may have about this latest iteration of the company’s smartwatch is the hefty price tag, which is now in the range of from $399 to $499. For some, the cost may be justified because they literally have a life-saving device on their wrist.

The device has another cool feature, by the way, which is its ability to detect if the user is falling down that can be quite useful for older people, as it gives out an alert about the situation.