Samantha Bee’s New Trivia App Urges People to Vote

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Samantha Bee released an app called "this is not a game: the game" and was created to encourage her audience to vote in the coming US midterm elections. / Photo by: Andrii IURLOV via 123rf


Samantha Bee, one of the more popular comedians in the US, has released an app similar to HQ Trivia, and, according to a report published on, had a hard time handling the big volume of consumers who installed it on their mobile gadgets. The app, called “This is Not a Game: The Game,” was downloaded 50,000 times within 24 hours after it was unveiled on an episode of Full Frontal With Samantha Bee.

Because the app’s servers couldn’t keep up with the unexpected heavy traffic, outages were reported. The team behind the app even likened the situation to what happened when Pokémon Go was, released which crashed on the first day of launch as well.

Bee’s app was created to encourage her audience to vote in the coming US midterm elections. Like the HQ Trivia and other trivia games designed for mobile devices, “This is Not a Game: The Game” tests people’s knowledge about US politics. There is a US$5000 cash prize that will be divided between winning players every day. Users of the app are also urged to register for the upcoming elections and, ultimately, troop to the voting precincts when election time comes.

Bee commented on the launch of her app in an interview with Variety: “This is truly a learning experience for us, we are very excited about it—and very curious.”

“This is Not a Game: The Game” became the second-most-popular trivia app on the App Store last Thursday, as reported by Sensor Tower, a mobile app analytics specialist. Among all free iPhone apps, Bee’s trivia game is ranked at number 190, while also on Thursday, it was the 49th-most-popular game on the iPhone.

As Bee and her team noted, the app’s popularity among the public also brought some issues. Since a lot of people were trying to create accounts or log in at the same time, the app suffered several crashes. One solution suggested was to upgrade the app to its latest version (1.1).