New Home Security Device Uses Quake Sensor

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An earthquake network sensor device, now has an updated high tech version / Photo Credit via Flickr


Who would have guessed that the technology for detecting earthquakes can also be used for different, more personal purposes as well? A new device called the Cocoon Indoor Home Security Camera System might be one of the coolest and complex iterations of security cameras to hit the stand, according to a report published on

The Cocoon might be the perfect camera if you’re the type of person to go on vacations a lot and tend to leave your house unattended, which can indeed be a security risk in the wrong neighborhood. Obviously, the issue can be solved with CCTV cameras and alarm systems set in place. The thing is, as time goes by, burglars and thieves are getting more and more organized. This also means that these criminals are getting smarter with how they can steal, with a more organized plan that a CCTV system might prove to be ineffective.

Enter the Cocoon security system, a device created by a Britain-based startup. This technology might be one of the newest types of security systems to ever hit the market. It has subsonic and infrasonic sensing similar to what scientists use while looking for earthquake-related tremors around the world.

This new technology is used, alongside machine-learning software, to detect and identify every single sound that occurs in the household, with a large enough space. These can range from pet moving about, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and so on. A break-in will definitely be detected. The device comes equipped with an HD camera, a second hypersensitive camera, a motion sensor, a thermometer, and a very loud alarm system that when triggered, is guaranteed to set criminals scampering away even as it also alerts neighbors.

The Cocoon can be an added form of security to any household, with its unobtrusive, spherical design that allows it to hide in plain sight. It actually looks good that it can be used as a form of decoration as well. The device can be connected to the user’s smartphone via WiFi to send alerts when necessary.

Currently, it sells for around $288 plus shipping.