California Passes Bill for Standardization of Security of IoT Devices

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California passes the first of its kind bill that will introduce proper regulations and standards of all connected devices that are currently sold in the US / Photo by Panchenko Vladimir via


In the age of high-technology, there will always be a fear that electronic products will someday turn against us, whether it’s AI taking over our jobs, or automation just practically doing everything that will relegate humans useless. The fear extends to all of our devices being hacked, or being hit by malicious software that could put our personal information into the wrong hands.

This is becoming a bigger concern nowadays with the advent of “smart” homes and even “smarter” cities. Well, the state of California is not taking the issue sitting down as it has laid out plans specifically on concerns about security issues. The State Legislature passed a first-of-its-kind bill with regard to the security of the Internet of Things (IoT) titled SB-327 Information Privacy: Connected Devices. They sent the details of the bill to the governor for his signature. The bill will introduce proper regulations and standards for all connected devices that are currently sold in the US.

Although under further inspection, the bill is very bare-bones in the way tackles the regulations. There are no specific guidelines that are truly established, and many features that are expected to be included in a bill of this sort are not included yet.

Despite looking more like a work in progress, the legislation is nevertheless significant for being the very first step toward a better standard for security for all smart devices, whether it be an automobile, a smartphone, or even the refrigerator.

Currently, the levels of security for these devices are determined by their manufacturers, and while large companies like Google and Amazon have fantastic security measures for their respective products, other smaller companies might not be up to the task. It is hoped that the bill becomes more polished and complete as time passes so that it will compel companies to ensure that their products are safe from all manners of cyber attacks.