Many Different Uses for Measure App of the New iPhone

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Apple iPhone new apps, Measure App is the newest update to the iOS12 for all versions of Apple products giving estimated sizes of objects by simply checking it with the camera / Photo by Halfpoint via


With the newest iteration of the iPhone by Apple comes with a plethora of new content, apps, and different features that people can spend literal hours poring over. One of these new features is the revolutionary Measure App which could measure the estimated size of objects by simply checking it with your camera.

With the large community around Apple products, it comes to no one's surprise that people find interesting ways on how to use the said app for different purposes, both for recreational and for business-related effort. reported that the new app came available as part of the newest update to the iOS 12 for all versions of Apple products, whether it be iPhones or iPads. The way it works is quite interesting, using sophisticated camera technology to be able to judge distances, giving approximate read-outs to how wide or exactly how long an object could be. This was intended mostly for work-related things, like finding the size of an object, or a building, a road and so forth, currently, it’s being used by people to measure the length of their cats or the size of a noodle of your spaghetti.

The app supposedly even came with a virtual spirit level that would check if a surface was straight or not, giving the impression that Apple probably hoped that this app would have more wholesome purposes, but at this point, Apple should already be wise to the antics of the internet and their own consumers.

This comes to a new age of sending interesting information over the internet, some even fear that this could be the ‘Renaissance’ era of sending inappropriate pictures to other people, but that remains to be seen. Either way, people can now find the actual length of things being sent to them or at pictures that they look at, and this is just another new feature of the many things that an Apple product could already provide at your fingertips.