Amazon to Let Developers Create New Products With Alexa Integration


Amazon is allowing a 3rd party to create their own customized and personalized Echo-connected accessories that can be supported by Amazon Echo products / Photo by Jonathan Weiss via


Amazon is one of the largest tech companies in the entire world. Spanning different companies and a multitude of products and services, they are keen to make the lives of both the consumers as well as their employees as efficient and easy as possible. One of their claims to fame is the creation of the voice activation assistant, Alexa, with a wide range of products with this software attached, it became what Siri was for Apple in their prime. Ever since the Echo Button that was released last year, there was no news at all with regards to Alexa supported gadgets, this changes today, however.

Enter the Alexa Gadgets Toolkit beta, which would allow any developer to create their own customized and personalized Echo-connected accessories. This new software would give all the relevant information for developers to create their own unique devices that can be supported by Amazon Echo products. This marks a new step for Amazon, as they would then allow 3rd party people to create different kinds of devices that Amazon would normally never dream of creating. This opens a new avenue of business and creativity that we will see more of as this toolkit gets more advanced.

To be clear, however, the actual devices won’t be able to have an official Alexa assistant but it would be able to connect to any form of Alexa device, effectively making it a ‘smart’ device for whatever purpose it may serve. Amazon even gave a list of examples that people would come to expect from this, like that of a clock that makes a sound whenever you say “Alexa”, or a singing fish that can sing along with songs from Amazon Music and so on.

Currently, there are many large companies like Hasbro and eKids, that are already working on their own take of what Alexa could be used for with the help of this toolkit. Based on a report by the company, the first of the new products that would be created from this would come out later this year and are expected to increase as time goes on.