Telegram and Their New Update for iOS

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Telegram's new update for iOS is more battery efficient as well as faster in terms of loading time and response time for the app. / Photo by: Álvaro Ibáñez via Flickr


Telegram, one of the more popular messaging apps has always had two apps running for both the iOS and the Android systems, the standard one and more experimental version dubbed the Telegram X.

The app itself has gone through many iterations and has just recently been rewritten from scratch for the newest version of the iPhone. The way it is now, it’s built upon using the Swift programming language by Apple and the Telegram Database Library for Android. The company then plans to release this newer version within the next few weeks.

In an Engadget article, it is reported that this new version of Telegram is more battery efficient as well as faster in terms of loading time and response time for the app. The founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov, stated that while the app looks the same as the current version, it’s much faster and sleeker than you would expect. They and a current team are still fine tuning it at the current time and is almost ready to swap out with the regular version currently on the iOS. This new code means that there will be bugs and glitches all over the place, though they state that the company will be very fast at responding to this to be able to give the best possible experience to their consumers.

Currently, both versions are available for the App store, though many are still sort of worried for the effect it may have for iOS 6 users as that particular version of the OS does not support Swift, even if Telegram is available on that version, they may not be able to experience the newest version of the app unless they upgrade their iPhone or iPad. Although keep in mind, less than 5% of all iOS devices use software earlier than iOS 10, and only about 0.03% are actually running iOS 6.