New Goggles that make Sleep so much Easier


Illumy,  a specialized sleep mask, that does more than cover the eyes/ Photo By Stock-Asso via Shutterstock


Sleep has been one of the core reasons why certain professions and jobs exist today. The bed of a person sees more of you more than a lot of people today, making that sleep comfortable is one of the main research of different sectors focuses of both healthcare and safety in different parts of the world. Basically, people take sleeping quite seriously, both to make it as pleasurable as possible and to find ways to make it much easier to sleep.

Sleep related issues are actually one of the most common things people have, whether it be insomnia, having an awkward sleep schedule, or even nightmares. This is what Laura Gillum suffers from, having insomnia makes it quite difficult for her to sleep. ABC30 relayed her words, “I tried using pillows over my head. I’ve tried even darkened rooms and things like that just don’t seem to really help too much.”

Thankfully, a new device has just given her one of the best sleep sessions she has had in a while. This device, called the Illumy, is a specialized sleep mask, that does more than cover the eyes. The gadget comes with foam on the inside that lets almost no light at the moment you wear it and even have settings in the goggles that allow the person to experience a simulation of sunsetting for more comfortable sleep and to fix jet lag.

This device claims to use dimming lights to help re-adjust your body clock or your circadian rhythm and gives more encouragement for your body to produce melatonin.

Dr.Christopher Winter, a sleep specialist states “Melatonin is an important chemical for timing our sleep with day and night cycles.” The problem he says is that due to jet lag, insomnia or wrong sleep cycles, the circadian rhythm gets interrupted, causing the natural healing process that is supposed to take place not happen.

In conclusion, this device might be the key for people who have much difficulty to sleep, and a must have for those who travel a lot. Currently, these types of devices have a price ranging from around $100 to $300.