Windows 10 Code Leak News: Microsoft Confirms Breach

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Part of the source code of Windows 10 has been leaked online to a Windows enthusiast site, raising questions about the security of the company's servers. Microsoft has acknowledged the leak to the tech media, and the source code has since been removed from the Beta Archive site.

Code that forms part of Microsoft's Windows 10 drivers for storage, Universal Serial Bus (USB) and Wi-Fi devices were put online by an unknown group, as reported by The Verge. The leaked source code was made available on Beta Archive, a Windows fan site that stores Windows builds, on Friday, June 23.

The administrator of Beta Archive clarified that the leaked source code was much smaller than what was previously reported in his post to the Beta Archive forum. Contrary to The Register's news post that "32 TB of Windows 10 internal builds, core source code leak online," the build posted on the fan site was just 1.2 GB in size.

The code has since been removed from the site's archives. Andrew Whyman, the owner of the Beta Archive site, said that they "have removed the file under our own decision," as quoted by The Verge.

In another email, Microsoft noted that the leaked files are part of the collection that the company has been sharing with its partners. "Our review confirms that these files are actually a portion of the source code from the Shared Source Initiative and is used by OEMs and partners," a spokesperson for the company explained in their message.

The leak came immediately after the reported arrest of two men in the United Kingdom, according to SEROCU. The two men were apprehended as part of an ongoing investigation into unauthorized access to Microsoft's network.

It is yet to be made clear if the arrests are in any way related to the leaks posted on the Beta Archive site.

Image by: Okubax / Flickr